About us

Welcome to the official website of the Directorate of Biological Resources and Protected Areas. We are an agency run by the Ministry for Nature Protection of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) who mandates us to manage protected areas, ensure conservation and restoration of species biodiversity in the republic. Our mission is to conserve Nature’s Legacy of the Sakha Republic for our future generations.

Our primary responsibilities are connected with

   -          protected areas management;

   -          accounting, protection and restoration of biological resources;

   -          fauna and flora cadaster within protected areas, incl.game cadaster;

   -          cadaster of protected areas;

   -     participation in development of republican laws and regulations for protected areas management, conservation, restoration and sustainable use of  biological resources, objects of flora and fauna and their habitats;

  -        participation in development and implementation ofrepublican/regional, municipalandnational target programs for conservation and development of republican/regional and municipal/local protected areas; sustainable use, conservation, restoration and reintroduction of flora and fauna objects;

   -       coordination and contribution to the Red Book of Yakutia Project;

   -      monitoring of flora and fauna objects in the republic, including regional and municipal protected areas;

-      managementand coordination of scientific surveys to ensure maintenance of genetic and species diversity in regional natural ecosystems.

        Our head office is located in Yakutsk. In order to ensure appropriate management of protected areas in the republic, we established a net of 35 local offices according to the number of districts/uluses in Yakutia. In sum, 109 officers work and assist us actively with protected areas guarding, winter mammal monitoring and counting, poaching prevention, ecological education and tourism, and with other activities.


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